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A hair tattoo is a non-surgical, non-invasive hair loss solution that will help you to restore your hairline and, at the same time, boost your self-esteem. Microdots of pigmentation are deposited into the scalp to create the look of a buzzcut by replicating the individual hair follicles. Although referred to as a hair tattoo by many people, this treatment is actually called scalp micropigmentation and is now recognized as the world’s leading hair loss solution.

A hair tattoo is not a tattoo; the appearance and procedures may seem the same, but those trained in either or both recognize significant differences. A hair tattoo uses carbon-based pigment, which is different from artistic tattooing, ensuring as natural a result as possible and no color change in the pigment over time. The depth in which a hair tattoo is implanted is not as deep as that of an artistic tattoo; you want to retain the pigment and make it appear as realistic as possible. 

Artistic tattooing is about creating a masterpiece you can show off, while a hair tattoo is about creating a masterpiece that is so subtle no one will know it is there.

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